Eatery a downtown gem for local foodies

With a name like Ode to Food & Drinks, expectations for a quality, out-of-the-box restaurant are undeniably high. But the typical foodie probably wouldn’t imagine these lofty aspirations being fulfilled in an office building. And although downtown Sioux Falls’ Cherapa Place is luxe as far as office buildings go, it’s an office building nonetheless. But that diamond-in-the-rough essence is what gives Ode to Food its undeniable charm – it’s like discovering a hidden gem each and every time you walk through the revolving doors.

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Damon’s latest blockbuster combines daring, dirt and disco to winning effects

Stranded on Mars, abandoned astronaut Mark Watney is faced with a choice: succumb to the starvation, injuries and harsh climes that threaten his life, or attempt to survive on this planet in the hopes of rescue. After all, help is only 140 million miles away. Luckily for viewers of director Ridley Scott’s film “The Martian,” Watney (played by a superb Matt Damon) chooses the latter, fighting throughout the 144-minute epic to return home to Earth.

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Atkinson tackles reality in companion novel

Teddy Todd’s life defines normalcy: he’s born, he grows up, falls in love, gets married, has kids, becomes increasingly older and one day he too takes his last breath – “the fourth wall of the solemn temple falling as quietly as feathers.”

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Mythology goes modern in Augustana’s “Antigone”

The landscape is stark, shrouded in smoke and darkness as Chorus members glide onto the stage and take their places in the stony arena-like setting. This is the place where two brothers have fallen in battle, each at the other’s hand. This is the uneasy atmosphere into which a young girl is thrust, forced to make an impossible decision. And for five nights in Augustana’s Edith Mortenson Theatre this is Thebes – a transformative place stuck in ambiguity between now and then, perched on the edge of catastrophe.

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’50s zeitgeist reigns at uptown donut shop

Nestled innocuously between a shady motel and an even shadier consignment store sits a pinup girl perched on a doughnut. The woman-doughnut pair is part of the bubble gum pink exterior of Glam Doll Donuts – the 2605 Nicollet Ave. bakery in Minneapolis, MN’s Uptown that has become the destination for hipster pastry-connoisseurs of the upper Midwest.

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Rap gets romantic: Sheeran combines old and new with “X”

The more things stay the same, the more they seem to change on Ed Sheeran’s second studio album ‘x.’ The feisty Brit – known as much for his fiery red hair as his angelic vocal chords – crooned his way into a million teenage girls’ hearts on his first album, ‘+,’ with tracks like “Give me Love” and “The A Team.” And while ‘x’ (pronounced “multiply”), builds on this familiar sound, a revamped Sheeran is also unveiled – one whose quick-fire raps and rhymes are nothing short of addicting.

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Sidewalk art grows up at downtown Sioux Falls’ SculptureWalk

A woman holding her chin in one hand gazes pensively down at the sidewalk below, a glow of melancholy surrounding her.

A victorious gridiron hero of days gone by cradles a pigskin.

A moose looks back over his shoulder as he lumbers along into the unknown wilderness.

These are just a few the figures, faces and personalities that populate the sidewalks of downtown Sioux Falls’ Phillips Ave. – a journey into the past, a look at the present and sometimes a glimpse of the future known as the Sculpture Walk.

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