Introducing “Uniquely Sioux Falls”

One of my favorite things about being a college student in Sioux Falls, SD is finding all the unique places this city has to offer. Just like any town, Sioux Falls boasts a plethora of restaurants, coffee shops, tourist destinations and shopping options, but the places I enjoy most are those off the beaten path.

There’s nothing wrong with popular places like Olive Garden, the Empire Mall or Barnes and Noble – these establishments are popular for a reason, after all – but as a person who loves exploring new places I believe that a city’s character can most readily be found away from the main drag, separate from the hustle and bustle of out-of-towner’s visiting for the weekend.

Sioux Falls is on the cusp of becoming a Midwestern cultural destination. With its closet art scene, cadre of locally-owned eateries and expanding downtown district – this South Dakota city is beginning to be known for much more than its waterfalls. Through this series of posts I plan to spotlight those businesses, shops and restaurants that make Sioux Falls “uniquely Sioux Falls” in an effort to not only encourage those who live and visit here to take full advantage of these local establishments, but also to give them an idea of what to expect in a fun and easy to read format.

By shopping, eating and exploring in the city that has become my home of the last three years I’ll be giving you, my reader, a glimpse into what Sioux Falls is like through the eyes of a college student. But review-writing is not my only goal here. I also plan to interview and profile the entrepreneurs whose ingenuity has largely contributed to making Sioux Falls more than just another 200,000-person suburb. What better way to discover all that this city has to offer than by telling the stories of those who spark change themselves?

I for one am incredibly excited to begin this journey with you (after all, I get to do all the fun stuff, right?). But I’m even more excited for the new people and places you’ll be introduced to through this creative undertaking.

So, let’s get started.




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